• Regular office cleaning: services provided each day when needed
  • Daytime cleaner: available at your office all day long
  • Seasonal cleaning: including windows washing after winter
  • Office cleaning and maintenance service during the events
  • Office cleaning after reconstruction


We clean workplaces and other office spaces. Our services cover about everything: from cleaning after reconstruction to making everything look fresh every day. The feel of clean travels with us.

  • Outside: lawns and outside flora.
  • Inside: green zones at the offices.
  • On demand: fresh flowers.


It’s easy to relax your eyes. We design and install lawns and other flora and provide maintenance service for green areas in business centers.

A joy could be there for you whenever you need it. We create compositions of flowers and deliver them to your office casually or during the events.

  • Fragrance systems: best suited for big spaces in the business centres and at the offices.
  • Automatic spray air fresheners with fragrance oils: best suited for small places.
  • Modern aromatherapy device: best suited for your office interior.


Inhale the good emotions. We install fragrance systems of the highest quality and subtle design with modern French scent mixes.

  • Let your clients feel your company: by the professional designer’s ideas based on your brand, its identity or activity scope.
  • Get the right work done: your needs will be perfectly matched by our solutions.


Show the face of your business. We incorporate the character of your company into your everyday surroundings.

  • Professional help: guidance of choosing and installing an aquarium.
  • Designing and managing: choosing the right place for an aquarium and fitting it there.
  • Making the magic happen: installation and mounting of an aquarium.
  • Keeping you relaxed: maintenance service for an aquarium.


Vitality brought into your day. We install aquariums of various size at your office. Interior could be complimented by a calming miracle.

  • Hygiene products – we supply them regularly.
  • Unnecessary documents – we shred them for you.
  • Rugs at your door – we replace them with clean ones.
  • If you have individual needs – contact us – we are ready to hear you out and fulfill your wishes.


Complete comfort is right next to you.

It’s so easy
to feel the coziness.